Getting The Chop

Reading time 8 minutes

Part of any gardener’s skill set is judging when enough is enough; that point where exuberance and gay abandon tip over into a top-heavy, […]

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Going to The Chapel

Reading time 12 minutes

  When a new garden opens for the National Gardens Scheme in Thanet it’s a major event, principally because there are only three others, […]

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Daily Flower Candy: Euonymus japonicus

Reading time 4 minutes

Euonymus japonicus: evergreen spindle, Japanese spindle On days like these, when we’d all rather be indoors, wrapped in a blanket with a glass of […]

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Spring Flower Candy: Prunus spinosa

Reading time 3 minutes

I’ll admit I am a little overdue with this one, but 2015 has been one of the latest I can recall for blackthorn blossom (the flowers of Prunus […]

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Return to the Salutation

Reading time 8 minutes

With both gardens almost locked-down for winter it’s time to start writing about some of the places that have not yet made it on […]

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Summer Serendipity

Reading time 5 minutes

The English language is full of wonderful words, if only one can find the opportunity to use them. Thought to be one of the […]

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Jobs for October and Early November

Reading time 11 minutes

I always think good gardening calls for a certain type of ruthlessness. Never is that quality more needed than at this time of year […]

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Life’s a Beach

Reading time 6 minutes

Not all days are equal. Some are destined to disappoint, others to lift the spirits.  Today is one of the latter days, a day […]

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