Daily Flower Candy: Echium wildpretii

Reading time 3 minutes

Native to the Canary Islands, echiums are sky-rocketing giants of the plant world. But, like an unfortunate child star, they reach their peak early […]

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Daily Flower Candy: Echium candicans

Reading time 5 minutes

Travel agents report¬†that the second week in January is the peak week for holiday bookings. This is hardly surprising given the short days, miserable […]

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Reading time 9 minutes

For the lucky few – journalists, celebrities and royalty – the Chelsea Flower Show starts today. The rest of must wait until 8am tomorrow […]

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Plant Portraits: Digitalis sceptrum

Reading time 6 minutes

For the most part, the experience of gardening is a succession of small triumphs and minor failures, all of which make us stronger people […]

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Having A Moment

Reading time 1 minute

All gardens have special moments when they look their best. For many it happens in May or early June when new growth is still […]

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Reading time 4 minutes

We’re a bit stuck this weekend. The white stuff came down constantly in central London yesterday, and whilst it made very little difference to […]

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