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Teeming Down at Tremenheere

Reading time 10 minutes

Anyone who has spent time holidaying in Cornwall will know that the county’s weather can be relied upon to dictate your itinerary from start […]

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Hello from The Beau

Reading time 8 minutes

Dan, in a moment of madness, has decided that he would like me to contribute now and again to his Frustrated Gardener blog. As […]

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In Praise of Foliage

Reading time 6 minutes

Gardeners the world over are obsessed with flowers. I am no exception. As well as being beautiful to look at, flowers are a sign […]

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A Green Moment

Reading time 5 minutes

The British Isles are defined by the colour green. It should really be represented on our national flag, or at the least extolled by our national […]

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Ready, Steady, Grow!

Reading time 4 minutes

Every day something new is happening in the garden. I’ve promised myself a five minute scout around each morning before work, bringing me closer […]

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Reading time 5 minutes

The plants in our two gardens seem divided on the question of whether autumn has arrived or not.  The majority are getting a bit […]

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