The Late, Late Tulip Show

Reading time 6 minutes

Cold weather in spring can only hold our gardens back for so long. It’s like a catapult, the further the sling is pulled back […]

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Autumn Spice

Reading time 3 minutes

The problem with owning a garden dominated by evergreens and tropicals is that I don’t really get to experience autumn colour at home. My […]

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Plant Profile: Solenostemon ‘Henna’

Reading time 7 minutes

  My garden is so jam-packed with plants by early autumn that I can barely move around outside. Far from holding plants back, a […]

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My Perfect Ten Tulips

Reading time 11 minutes

  In spite of late planting and a cold April, it has been an exceptional year for tulips at The Watch House. They have […]

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A week is a long time in gardening

Reading time 4 minutes

  It was British Prime Minister Harold Wilson who first said ‘a week is a long time in politics’. Almost sixty years later, his […]

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Saying it with Flowers

Reading time 5 minutes

  Two subjects I prefer not to write about in this blog are my day job and artificial flowers. Today I make an exception, […]

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In The Garden This Week: Clashing Colours

Reading time 2 minutes

Royal blue and orange, canary yellow and purple, candy pink and red, fresh lime and magenta – our coastal garden is packed with clashing […]

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