blue flowers

Introducing … Scilla peruviana

Reading time 6 minutes

  The adage ‘it takes all sorts’ applies just as accurately to plants as is does to people. Some plants hide their light under […]

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How to Persuade Agapanthus to Flower

Reading time 11 minutes

  It’s a good year for agapanthus here at The Watch House. A rough count of the flower heads produced by Agapanthus africanus tops […]

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Daily Flower Candy: Convolvulus sabatius

Reading time 3 minutes

Mention the name bindweed and the first thing that springs to mind is one of gardeners’ greatest horrors, hedge bindweed (Calystegia sepium). Undoubtedly beautiful in […]

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Primrose Blue

Reading time 3 minutes

You’ve all heard of primrose yellow, but let me introduce you to primrose blue. As a flower colour blue is something of acquired taste, especially […]

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True Blue

Reading time 2 minutes

This little gem of a plant is Convolvulus sabatius, otherwise known as Blue Rock Bindweed.  Unlike its invasive, white-flowered cousin it does not spread like […]

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