Kowloon Park, Hong Kong

Reading time 8 minutes

I am very fortunate to be able to travel as much as I do, but when I am away from home I miss my¬†gardens […]

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Travelling Blues

Reading time 4 minutes

That’s it. I have readied both gardens for October, packed my bags and left Him Indoors in charge. I am now on the other […]

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Daily Flower Candy: Cercis siliquastrum

Reading time 1 minute

Pictured here outside Winchester City Mill, Cercis siliquastrum, makes an arresting sight. Despite its oriental good looks, C. siliquastrum hails from Southern Europe and […]

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Bauhinia, the Hong Kong Orchid Tree

Reading time 1 minute

This pretty flower belongs to Bauhinia blakeana, the Hong Kong Orchid Tree. It originated in Hong Kong in 1880 and it’s believed that all […]

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On The Road to Ha Long, Vietnam

Reading time 1 minute

I couldn’t resist stopping the car to admire these luscious lettuce on the journey between Hanoi and Ha Long Bay. So green, they still […]

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Landscaping, the Chinese way

Reading time 5 minutes

For the most part, the Southern China I know is a continuum of ugly buildings and expressways, devoid of any hint of what the […]

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Warm and Wet in Saigon

Reading time 2 minutes

Sadly, I have had precious little time to enjoy the floral delights of Saigon, although I am hoping to write a future post about […]

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Namaste! A Lazy Sunday in Delhi

Reading time 7 minutes

For the next two weeks, work brings me to Asia. I’ve been thinking about what to post whilst I am away, as funnily enough […]

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