Cucumber Cottage, Sandwich

Sandwich is full of lanes with quirky names such as Pondicherry Alley and Knighrider Street, each packed with an interesting mix of grand houses, pubs and humble cottages, Georgian and older. In the street leading […]

Welcome to the Jungle

One thing this weather is good for is making things grow…..really fast.  We arrived back home this morning and opened the gate to find a veritable jungle of dripping foliage and fragrant flowers.  The Holboellia […]

The Joys of the Road

As we drove down to the coast this morning, I couldn’t help noticing just how green and lush the countryside looked compared to a normal July.  Instead of taking on the golden highlights of midsummer, […]

Beguiled by Begonias

I expect it’s desperately unfashionable to say so, but I do love a nice Begonia. They are easy on the eye, diverse and sometimes dramatic, but normally easy to grow, appreciating a little bit of […]