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How To Enjoy Your Garden In June

Reading time 33 minutes

June is the most quintessentially English month. Country gardens are brimming with hollyhocks, lupins, delphiniums, peonies, irises and, of course, roses. Here’s how to get the most enjoyment from your garden this month.

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Delos Reimagined

Reading time 10 minutes

I imagine I have a lot to deal with at The Watch House, but being the custodian of a large, historic garden is a […]

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The Diary of a Plant Addict

Reading time 17 minutes

If my blog did not already have a title, ‘The Diary of a Plant Addict’ would be a strong candidate. I’ve had the most […]

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The Merry Month of May

Reading time 11 minutes

O THE month of May, the merry month of May, So frolic, so gay, and so green, so green, so green! O, and then […]

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How to Persuade Agapanthus to Flower

Reading time 11 minutes

  It’s a good year for agapanthus here at The Watch House. A rough count of the flower heads produced by Agapanthus africanus tops […]

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Spring Comes to Sissinghurst

Reading time 13 minutes

  How fortunate that my first visit to Sissinghurst this year should coincide with the warmest day of the spring so far. As the […]

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Sissinghurst – Crazy for Colchicums

Reading time 7 minutes

I am guilty, guilty of having twice visited Sissinghurst this year and not having posted anything about it. Had this been any other garden I […]

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Plant List

Reading time 21 minutes

This is a comprehensive list of plants that reside in my two diminutive courtyard gardens. All will tolerate a certain amount of buffeting by […]

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Great Balls of Fire – Sandling Park in May

Reading time 8 minutes

There was such an extraordinary amount going on in May that I am now working through a draft post pile-up. In contrast to the scarcity […]

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