We are staying at Trevoole, one of our favourite places in Cornwall. And because I am on holiday I can take precious time to see what’s in front of me. Outside our bedroom in the farmhouse there’s a romantically ramshackle entrance porch. Over the years the glazing has become increasingly cracked and opaque. Outside plants have crept in and inside plants have crept out. Lanky geraniums and scrambling asparagus ferns, sinewy ivies and clinging campanulas, twine, stretch and mingle around the tumbledown structure.

I have watched the porch’s quiet decay over many seasons. One day, like the rest of the farm’s buildings, it will be sensitively restored. For now, it offers me an opportunity to observe the fine details of decay.

The Farmhouse porch, Trevoole, March 2016

Ivy, The Farmhouse porch, Trevoole, March 2016

The Farmhouse porch, Trevoole, March 2016

Creeping campanulas, The Farmhouse porch, March 2016

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14 thoughts on “Tumbledown

  1. I’m drawn to these photos because I see history, character, stories, and living. I can only imagine the plants that have gotten there start there and then I wonder who it was who built it to begin with, if there were children’s laughter as plants were watered, if books were read in the warm sunshine – love it. Have a wonderful and safe holiday, Dan.

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  2. Love, Love, Love. Totally decadent in a weird weird way. Am looking forward to seeing some wonderful pics of meadows of daffodils.(I planted so bulbs over Easter … btw what do you with your ‘discarded’ potting mix from the previous season? Any bright ideas on how to recycle???) Enjoy your break.

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    1. Thanks Gill. I have been awful at keeping up with everyone’s posts recently, so please know I am not ignoring you. For once I have been spending more time gardening than blogging about gardening! Glad you enjoyed this brief effort 🙂

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