Recently I’ve been highlighting my use of an iPhone to take photographs for The Frustrated Gardener. The relative convenience of a slim, pocket-sized gadget, compared to a cumbersome DSLR, has meant that, increasingly, I have been leaving my Canon at home and turning to the iPhone 6 instead. The results I achieve continually surprise me, with the Apple able to capture colours better than the Canon and achieve decent results in awkward lighting conditions. This is more of an indictment of my incompetence when it comes to using a ‘proper’ camera than my prowess at pointing a smartphone in the right direction, but, nevertheless, it does enable me to capture moments that might otherwise have passed me by.

Today’s image, entitled ‘Bracing’ shows Viking Bay, Broadstairs on the morning of the last day of 2015. It had rained heavily overnight, smoothing the sand bank as if it had just been turned out of a bundt pan. A handful of hardy Thanet folk peppered the beach, their long shadows extending back across their footprints. The quilted foliage of a sea mallow (Malva arborea) made a very attractive foreground, whilst the sea-gull was happy accident. Perhaps I shouldn’t admit that. The sharp-sighted might even spot, on the horizon, the white turbines of the Thanet Wind Farm, the world’s largest offshore wind farm until 2013 when the London Array seized the title. ‘Bracing’ sums up the cool, fresh, cleansing breeze which swept across the turbines’ sails that morning, catching me square in the face.

You may like to compare ‘Bracing’ to ‘Windswept‘, taken about 6 weeks ago. We do wild weather well here in the UK!