New Look, Same Frustrated Gardener


I began The Frustrated Gardener as an experiment. I wanted to challenge myself to keep up with technology, rekindle my deep-seated love of plants and create something beautiful and interesting for others to enjoy. Unintentionally it’s become a record of what I did when, and a means of connecting with hundreds of talented gardeners and plant lovers. Since 2012 I’ve chosen a new theme every year to keep the site fresh and maintain my own enthusiasm for blogging. Developing a good blog involves a lot of work, so it has to be fun and rewarding. After much deliberation, I have decided the time has come to change again.

Banana leaf, Walmer Castle, August 2015

Browsing through the long list of WordPress themes one stood out, a newspaper style called ‘Patch’. It uses algorithms to decide the best layout for my content. So far I am impressed by the lively design and how older post have translated seamlessly into the new format. The only tiny niggle is that the theme splits headers in awkward places, leaving fragments of a word on a separate line. I am sure this can be sorted when I get the hang of it.

A new theme always feels like a fresh start, providing me with the impetus to raise my standards and explore new subjects. Even with so many bloggers using Reader to keep up to date, I like to give those that visit my web page the best possible experience. I hope that Patch will do that. I’d love to hear what you think of the new look and if it’s been a positive change in your opinion. You can be sure it’s only the appearance that’s altered. For better or for worse The Frustrated Gardener remains the same as ever.

Photos: Ensete ventricosum ‘Maurellii’ (Abyssinian Banana) Walmer Castle Gardens

Banana leaf, Walmer Castle, August 2015