Alive and Kicking (健在で)

Those of you wondering where The Frustrated Gardener has got to need not worry. I am alive and kicking in China, having just been to a magnificent Japanese teppanyaki restaurant with Taiwanese hosts. Consequently I am feeling thoroughly indulged and very international. There has been no let up in the schedule so, alas, no botanising, which grieves me greatly. Lacking any photographs of Chinese gardens to share with you, I am following tonight’s cuisine and reminding myself of the beautiful work of Japanese designer Kazuyuki Ishihara. His garden at Chelsea this year, entitled ‘Paradise on Earth’, demonstrated typical mastery of the art, capturing a perfect, tranquil scene in a space just a few metres square. I feel rested, peaceful and at one with nature just looking at it again. I hope you feel the same. よく眠る (I Sleep Well).

Paradise on Earth by Kazuyuki Ishihara, Chelsea 2014
Damp mosses and cascading water combine to create a soothing environment in which to enjoy tea ceremonies
A miniature waterwheel from between the boughs of an acer
A miniature waterwheel seen from between the boughs of an acer

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4 thoughts on “Alive and Kicking (健在で)

  1. Hi Mr International!!! Some lovely memories from above pics. Me too doing the international run….in HK just back from amazing Italian dinner complete with Phillipino band… And then to Canton tomorrow… We r truly fortunate and blessed with the jobs we have. Travel safe. H of Oz 😀

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    1. So near and yet so far eh? I would rather be with you in HK, but maybe not Canton Fair 😉 Hope you have comfy shoes with you. Off to the north tomorrow and then every night a different hotel until Tuesday when I fly home. D of Dongguan 🙂


  2. Lucky you. China is on my list of places I must go. I went to Hong Kong many times as a teenager, including a day trip to China! but it was a long time ago.


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