Getting Noticed

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It’s always nice to be noticed, and even nicer to be appreciated. Today I am walking tall and smiling like the Cheshire Cat as not one, not two, but three organisations have good things to say about The Frustrated Gardener.

First off, my company magazine ‘The Gazette’ has written a lovely profile about me and my hobby and passion, gardening. This involved a two hour photoshoot in our London garden which was terrific fun and the nearest I’ll come to being a supermodel. David Gandy need not watch his back!

Gazette article, The Frustrated Gardener, September 2014

Secondly, the team at Notcutts Garden Centres have nominated The Frustrated Gardener for their 2014 ‘Notcutts Loves’ blog awards in the category ‘urban gardening’. I hadn’t really considered myself an urban gardener before, but I guess it’s fitting for someone who tends two town gardens. If you’d like to cast a vote in my favour, or eye up the competition, click here.

And, last but not least, the website UK Doors Direct has included The Frustrated Gardener in their Top 10 gardening blogs. I had no idea about the accolade until I started to spot visitors coming from their website, but I am delighted to find myself in the company of so many great blogs. If you are a new visitor and like what you find, why not follow me?

The Big Time? Maybe not, but it makes for one very happy Frustrated Gardener.

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17 comments On "Getting Noticed"

  1. Congratulations!!!!!! And so well deserved. You should be grinning like a Cheshire cat and be super proud of your recognition. Did you have hair and make up at the coy shoot along with wardrobe!!! So thrilled for you and also for him Indoors behind the scenes…..

  2. Well done, Dan. It’s always nice to get a pat on the back! As for me, I enjoyed your blog because I eventually found out what you do as a day job. As a rather curious person, your references to Christmas had got me wondering what you actually did in your ‘real’ life. Now my curiosity is satisfied, so thanks for that! Helen

    1. Ah yes, I try to keep my work and my blog as separate as possible, but in this instance two worlds have collided rather nicely. I do live and breath Christmas all year round (I’m about to go off and buy Christmas 2015!), but especially this week when all the shops open their Christmas departments. I am enjoying the calm before the storm! Dan

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