Daily Flower Candy: Lilium ‘Pink Flavour’


I have a new favourite lily and it’s called ‘Pink Flavour’. The bulbs were an impulse, end of season purchase from Sarah Raven and I didn’t have a place for them, so into a pot they went.  Within weeks the flower spikes emerged, growing nice and evenly, the foliage subtly tinted bronze. Arriving home late last night the flowers had opened so I was excited to see what they looked like in daylight. The colour is hard to describe; a burnished, sophisticated coral-pink rather than the candy shade the name suggests.

Lilium 'Pink Flavour', June 2014

An Asiatic type lily, ‘Pink Flavour’ has elegantly placed, downward facing flowers

I am pleasantly surprised how well the flowers tone with the deep purple foliage of Eucomis ‘Sparkling Burgundy’ and Aeonium ‘Zwartkop’, picking up reddish tones in the stems of gingers and begonias too. For those who detest the scent of lilies (how could you?) ‘Pink Flavour’ is a great choice; the blooms have only the faintest fragrance. L. ‘Pink Flavour’ is one of the first lilies to open in the garden this year, offering a welcome taste of summer. I think this one will be a keeper.

Lilium ‘Pink Flavour’ is available mail order from Sarah Raven (in season) and Hart’s Nursery, Cheshire.

A taste of summer, Lilium 'Pink Flavour'

A taste of summer, Lilium ‘Pink Flavour’